Liberal Arts

Value of the Liberal Arts

Career Issues

  • “Liberal Arts Graduates and Employment: Setting the Record Straight”: Selected findings from a 2014 AAC&U report contradict the perception of liberal arts students as untrained or unemployed.  Taking the long view, liberal arts majors are ultimately employed as frequently as pre-professional majors, and by their 50s, earn as much or more.
  • “How to get a job with a philosophy degree”: New York Times article (9.13.13) about career development challenges and strategies in liberal arts colleges, focusing in particular on Wake Forest University’s Office of Personal and Career Development.
  • “Who needs an English major?” from the Tomorrow’s College lecture series, produced by American Radio Works. Downcast the podcast or read the transcript of a thoughtful exploration of the role of the liberal arts in higher education.  From the website: “Some students think it doesn’t pay to study philosophy or history. But advocates of liberal arts programs say their graduates are still among the most likely to become leaders, and that a healthy democracy depends on citizens with a broad and deep education” (originally aired September, 2011).